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we have received support request concerning the ability to play the video from certain web hosts. Many reported errors are caused by the Microsoft® IIS 6 web server which for security reason blocks all files with unknown extensions, and thust doesn't serve the video; as a conseguence, the Applet player displays:


ERROR 3.3 File not found

If you don't know the brand of your web server, you can verify it by following this link . Fill the name of your domain in the form field and look at the answser:

If you find the Microsoft-IIS/6.0 as value of the name Server, two workarounds are possible:

  1. ask the webmaster to add .vvf extension e.g. "application/octet-stream" OR
  2. rename the video myvideo.vvf to myvideo.jpg as consequence you must also change the VideoPath parameter value in the applet code.  

Follow this link to learn more about:



If you get the message below after checked the following points:  
  1. upload  test.vvf, videovista.jar,
  2. rename  test.vvf in test.jpg; point A)
  3. web files permission (check it with web site administrator )

then, update to the latest applet version from VideoVista or  download it   manually from our website or contact our support at the mail address specified on this page.


If you get a Java general error message for videovista.class not found, probably the videovista.jar applet player uploaded in the web folder is corrupted !!!
Try to upload it again in BINARY or TEXT mode and reload the web page; before this close all browser instances !!!.



If you obtain a VideoVista video Ok on audio but with currupted video, maybe you don't have the right DirectX version installed on your system; to check it try to execute Start->Run->dxdiag. Minimum version must be 8.1a.







The encoded video has a dirty green row, sometimes with a big dimension.

You have to crop the video as the source video doesn't have a regular 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio; try to encode 30 seconds video setting a value of 10/15 in the CropBottom field and check which is the value that matches your requirement.



As you can see below, NOD32 antivirus,  detects WEBUPDATER.EXE as a probable virus
webupdater is a piece of code that performs VideoVista update when requested.
webupdater doesn't contain virus or worm or other. Vista Tecnologie has sent this info to the NOD32 developer company.


You are in control and secure because software download has been done by famous websites as or or




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