Available video format on the market nowdays are so many (... VideoVista included); sometimes you can find a video that is visible using a player available on your PC or also in the VideoVista video source preview, but VideoVista is not capable to encode it or produces a whole green video or a blend of color, while audio is good. A good VideoVista source video decode can be achieve installing a right codec; many codecs are available today:

  • Audio
    MP3, Vorbis, AAC, AC3, WMA, RealAudio, etc.
  • Video
    MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, XviD, H.264, Theora, Sorenson, RealVideo, VP6, VMW, Cinepak. etc.

codec enables right compression/decompression of respective format. Some audio/video files uses a file extension that don't disclose the type of codec as they work as a containers: 

  • Containers
    AVI (most famouse), OGG, Flash, ASF, 3GP, MOV, etc.

So, for example, AVI format can contains a video DivX codec and an audioAC3 codec.

Below a malformed VideoVista sample screenshot:

You can find a fix for this issue reading the following points:

  1. Codec not available
  2. Codec available but it doesn't allow any video source handling (eg. Nero Burning for MPEG2)
  3. Codec available; however it tries to handling video source out of its jurisdiction (eg. DivX for MPEG) 

In order to overtake this issue and/or install a right codec, read the following points:

1) Codec not available - How to check video Codec  

You can check video source codec using free software available on the net:

Once you have detect codec type, you must download and install it from its website eg: 


2) Codec available but it doesn't allow any video source handling 

Some DVD software install codec on your PC (for exmple a MPEG2 codec) but they don't allow using by different software; in such case, after you have installed Stinky without any good result, you might do:

  • Uninstall software component that doesn't allow use of MPEG2 codec; (for example try to install only the base Nero component but not DVD authoring component.
  • Try to use FFDShow (find out more !!)


3) Codec available; however it tries to handling video source out of its jurisdiction   

A typical case where a codec is installed correctly but it's creating problems it is using latest DivX version as following image; try to uncheck "Support decoding of Generic MPEG-4 video". 




FFDshow is a free library who handle almost 100% of codec available today; anyway we advise to install original codec where there is no active issue; download FFDshow from the following link:

Select the first element from the list (day is different based on build date release)


Check if the FFDshow file available in the downloaded zip archive, has XXL entry in the file name.

Install FFDshow with all parameters as proposed by installer.
Start VideoVista and select the video source file; if all the stuffs are are where they have to stay :-) a FFDshow  window should compare like the one visible below; select "use ffdshow (just this once)" voice only for the selected video. In the future you will be able to set forever FFDshow as the main codec for your videos.



FLV Video Splitter



Many are the software programs who can create audio/video files and many of them don't use the same library for encoding; some of them, even using the same type of encoding, are unable to pruduce video error free. This enable a different behavior on handling video files from players or applications who need to decode these videos; for example even visible with many players some videos are bad created by VideoVista; VideoVista read and decode videos based on info available on itself while other players ignore that and reads the file from scratch.

Some of typical video errors:

  • Real Frame rate different as frame rate written
  • Initial video part damaged (check if player start to plays from time 00:00 or forward
  • Audio and video out of sync
  • etc

Videos with data errors wont be right created by VideoVista; even if this not a VideoVista bug, future VideoVista releases will try to fix this issue. 


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Updated: 25-01-2011

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