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Download and manual installation of Java™ 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) for Macintosh


Besides regularly issuing new versions of system software, Apple also issues a series of free software upgrades. If your have an internet connection, Mac OS X automatically checks for new upgrades every week.

If your connection is not continuous, you can choose different programming or carry our a manual check. If the Software Upgrade finds an upgrade to download, it is shown in a list. Before downloading it, click it to see a brief description. If you don’t think that the upgrades are useful, such as a language you don’t speak or drivers for a printer you don’t have, choose the Make Inactive option from the upgrade menu.

To obtain the upgrades immediately, follow these instructions:

   1)  Choose the System Preferences... from the Apple menu.
   2)  Choose Software Upgrade... from the View menu.
   3)  Click Upgrade.
   4)  Select the upgrades you wish to install, then click Install.
   5) Enter the username and password of the Administrator.
   6) At the end of the upgrade, restart

To find out more about the Software Upgrade….

Aggiornamento Software nel menu Apple 

To find out more about the Software Upgrade…

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