Download and manual installation of Java™ 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) for Windows

This procedure downloads and installs the executable program. During these phases it is necessary to remain connected to Internet.

Before installation

  • If you’ve installed software to block adverts, make sure that it doesn’t prevent the download of the executable program. If  this happens, look for the executable program in the list of filtered of blocked websites and consult the documentation of the software blocking adverts to find specific instructions on the matter.

Download and installation

  1. Click the    Download ed installazione per Windows   button for Windows Users

  2. Click the Run button on the following page:

  3. Click the Run button on the following page:

  4. Wait for the download to complete…

  5. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click the Forward > button on the next page

  6. Choose the typical installation and click the Forward > button on the next page:

  7. Wait for the program installation to complete.....

  8. When installation is complete, click the End button on the following page:



Test dell'installazione

To check whether the program installed works properly, run this test from the Java website:

The installation is correct if you can see the Duke™ animated logo. If this doesn’t happen, check that your browser is enabled and correctly configured for the execution of Java applications. For further information on Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Netscape, go to:

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Updated: 01-04-2010

Java Download
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