All version are available for free download.  it is possible to try out VideoVista for longer than the standard period of 30 days and for an unlimited number of times, but the test video encoding is limited to a maximum of one minute. Adjusting the start and end seconds, it is possible to encode any portion of the video in VideoVista format in order to test the audio or video quality in relation to the scene of interest.


Free use for max. ten (10) concurrent users;
LiveVista can be view browsing where is the address chose at first start .


All Editions are available in English language. 




VideoVista Downloads
Get it from CNET!
The free too use "Standard" solution
Professional V.3
Get it from CNET!

Batch encoding; secured video features
Get it from CNET!
Free up to max ten (10) users.
Standalone player


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Updated: 01-04-2010

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