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VideoVista is the Italian solution to the demand for video streaming, which is becoming increasingly insistent and requires a simple and effective answer which lies outside the models currently adopted and imposed by the market. VideoVista needs no dedicated video server to work: all you need to do is copy the video file (.vvf) into a web folder as though it were a JPEG image, add a line of code to the web page and, hey presto, it works!

VideoVista comprises:

  • An encoding program which creates video files in .vvf (VideoVista File) format;  
    The encoder is an executable program for the Windows environment: 
    o Windows 2000
    o Windows Xp
  • A Java applet for viewing the video 
    The applet and the Video can be executed on all platforms that support a web server
    o Windows, Linux, Solaris, Apple Macintosh, etc.
    o Apache, IIS, etc.
  • The video can be viewed using all the platforms and browsers that support the Java Virtual Machine
    o Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh, etc.
    o Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, etc.

Main Features

  • No dedicated video server; can be used with Apache, IIS, and every other Web server
  • No plugin to install on the client side, it is sufficient to install JAVA (compatible with JVM 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6)
  • Number of encodable videos:  unlimited
  • No time or encoding size limits

VideoVista is available in 3 editions

VideoVista Standard Edition

Everything you need to see your video in streaming mode on Internet.

VideoVista Professional Edition

All the qualities of the Standard Edition, plus the possibility of protecting your videos from unauthorised use and encoding several videos in series.

VideoVista Enterprise Edition

All the qualities of the Professional Edition, plus the possibility to call up VideoVista inside your encoding application to automate the creation of VideoVista videos to suit your requirements.

Comparison Table

Professional Edition
AudioVista built-in  

No Server Video
No Plugin
Unlimited encoding time
No size limit
Automatic code generation for Web page
Clip Cropping available (Start / End)
Video Seek (backwards and forwards)
Up to 9 streams available for every video
Audio and Video Bitrate selectable for every stream
Frame Rate (FPS) selectable for every stream
Custom video dimensions for every stream
Video Cropping
Video dimensions proportional to the source video
Video dimensions of every stream the same as the source video
Saving of current video settings
Saving of settings for every video
Batch coding
Video encrypting   
Document Base Lock
Video encrypting
Domain Lock
Video with date of expiry
Encoder callable from another application
Applet useable for other applications
Mobile Package*

* Mobile Package -  VideoVista video visible on any web site can be viewed on Mobile phone that have installed a java Virtual Machine Micro Edition ( J2ME) by menas of midlet (jad) installed on the cellular phone; anyone who want to know more can request a product demo version calling our office.


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Updated: 01-04-2010


VideoVista Standard Edition


VideoVista Professional Edition


VideoVista Enterprise Edition


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