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Vista Tecnologie has prepared a "DEMO" section for you, split into areas of interest, where you can properly test the potential of IseeMedia products..

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An important tool for museums, the virtual tour. This makes it possible to allow an enormous number of people to see, albeit virtually, works which would otherwise be impossible to see. 3D photography, associated with Image Zoom server, also enables detailed vision of all the parts and the possibility of seeing everything in real time, while seated comfortably in your own home.

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The main attractions of your town can be seen by everyone, thanks to the web and iSeeMedia technology.
Restaurants, Hotels, and Public Bodies ts that wish to offer an effective, pleasant and innovative service will be well satisfied by the excellent potential of 360 virtual tours.


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Showrooms, company images, logos. The high image quality and speed of Internet transmission will enable your company to be visited, to show off the operating processes, office and everything else you’d like your future customers to see.

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The definition of the images obtained thanks to IseeMedia technology enable those who work in the field of medicine to look at x-rays, photographs and ultrasound scans in detail and, most importantly, from long distances..

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For every need where vector maps aren’t available or where they can’t be applied: aerial photos, printed land registry maps, satellite maps, etc., Zoom Image Server is the only solution that enables sharing in Intranet and Internet at maximum speed and full screen.

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Constant improvement of monetary transaction services on the Internet has facilitated the dissemination of a culture of on-line shopping. What seems to be lacking however, is the possibility for consumers to see how to use a certain product, or how the goods purchased actually look or where they are made..


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Updated: 01-04-2010

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