Vista Tecnologie,  a software development company, set up in 1997 following the advent of Internet in Italy. 

Right from the start, the company has searched for growth channels in the emerging technologies of the IT sector, focusing particularly on multimedia: images, audio and video. The first projects carried out using digital technology for the creation of entirely web-based virtual tours - no longer linked to the use of CD-ROMS which were so popular at the time - date back to 1998 (Art Gallery and Museum of Agricultural History).

The use of the Iseemedia Image Server, distributed exclusively in Italy by Vista Tecnologie, led to the creation of Virtual Tours which are unique in the world as regards the use of "virtualisation" techniques. The virtual tour created especially for the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Italian Republic is one of the few examples of a museum tour which offers the chance to Zoom in on all the unique elements available: 

  • Spherical view of the rooms
  • View of 2D objects
  • View of 3D objects

VideoVista is the first result of this huge effort and places Vista Tecnologie in a position to compete at international level with other solutions, but with the awareness that they have excellent products and avant-garde solutions.

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Updated: 01-04-2010

Vista Tecnologie Multimedia made in Italy
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