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Regione Emilia-Romagna - Italy
The Video Library of Emilia-Romagna Region local government, with more than 3000 minutes and one hundred movies available in their catalog, selects and uses VideoVista to reach school and library disseminated in the territory; many videos are visible for free following the link below. Using VideoVista the library's staff enable video scene seek without the need of a server or server side script using only a simple Javascript  command row. All videos are available in multibitrate format able to reach any type con client connection: Modem, ADSL, CABLE.


Find out more seven videos about Walser mountain community Aosta region 
"Only VideoVista can reach mountain location using its multi streaming format as it can be visible from Modem up Broadband connections".

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Virtual Learning Concepts - USA 
"As a provider of online educational courseware, having multimedia capability is extremely important in meeting the training needs of our customers.
We conducted extensive research and tested several products before finalizing our selection of VideoVista.
VideoVista meets and exceeds our needs at all levels and our interactions with their staff have been exceptional."
Brad Anderson

UNESCO - Ocean Teacher - Belgium
The site contains video recordings of lectures and training clips. It can be used either as a reference tool for trainers or for self-training.

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VideoVistaPro and VideoVista Standard updated.
July 15, 2009

Available for download VideoVista Professional build 371 and VideoVista Standard edition relaese 3. VideoVista Standard Edition is now available free of charge ; users who have bought previous version are eligible for upgrade to Pro version for free writing to our support team.

Furthermore the version of VideoVista Applet player, is available for download .


VideoVistaPro 3 Released
July 30, 2008

Available for download VideoVista Professional Release Candidate 3. 
The new engine full support the new multicore CPU and enable parallel creation of multibitstream  video from the same video source using only one step in a while.

Furthermore the 922 version of VideoVista Applet player, with youPlay logo support, is available for download .


AudioVista Released
October 30, 2007

Vista Tecnologie releases AudioVista as a builtin plugin for VideoVista; it's now possible to encode audio streams or grab only audio from videos with the same and amazing features available for VideoVista and using the same Applet.
A new VideoVista StandAlone Player is also present in the package; it permits playing of downloaded VideoVista files from any computer with JVM 1.5.



LiveVista Released
October 30, 2007

LiveVista, the new video streaming product for Live events is available for download.




VideoVista Review

Tucows™ , the first Internet site of Downloads & Reviews , in confirmation of VideoVista quality and simplicity, grant five (5) cows to Professional Edition.

Tucows 5 cows







VideoVista Review

Softpedia™ Update one minute ago, the famous software download site, has reviewed  VideoVista Professional and it has rated our product as very good with four stars.





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VideoVista @ work

The Nineteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XIX) will be held at the International Centre four Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy between 12 and 16 March 2007. The event will be co-hosted between the ICTP and OGS (L'Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale).

VideoVista is used as component of IODE Video library.








VideoVista is a software for video streaming. It enables video streaming from any web server without the need of a dedicated streaming server; moreover, unlike Flash format, VideoVista permits view of long time videos, more than one hour up to ten (10) hours and more, enabling seek in any part of the video in a while, get along without the whole video downloading.
Unlike Flash format, VideoVista it's visible by any connection's type Modem, ADSL, Mega as well and it's visible on Windows, Mac, Linux using Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Opera.

Anyone can use VideoVista, it's easy to use. Try it now !

Videos are yours. Keep them yours !

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